Early Founder Pack

Regular price $25.00

Want to support the game and get access to the Beta? Buy the Early Founder Pack! The Early Founder Pack is full of goodies and premium game time to make your life in Twokinds Online even more enjoyable!

  • Extra permanent character slot.
  • Extra permanent residential property slot.
  • 12 months of premium membership.
  • 1 month of premium membership to share.
  • In-game titles.
  • Beta access for you and a friend.
  • Founder bag with 12 slots of item space.

Get the early founder pack now for $25 before the price increases!

Premium Membership

TwoKinds Online is free to play with an optional Premium Membership.

Premium Membership is a paid monthly subscription for TwoKinds Online. Premium Membership grants players double the bank inventory space, a permanent character slot, an additional residential property slot, and more!

Beta Access

Beta access will start tentatively sometime in 2022. Beta players will have access to the main game world, starting with the Edinmire area.